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› What is a Hyip? HYIP stands for “High Yield Investment Program” and is a high-risk way of investing money. The interest rates are extremely high compared to most other kinds of investments.

› I’m excited about the Hyip opportunity, where do I start? Read our guide on how to get started.

› How high are the interest rates that High Yield Investment Programs offer? Very much and range anywhere from 5 – 250% per month. The higher the interest rate the higher the risks.

› Are you a HYIP? No, absolutely not. We are an independent website which focus on giving an objective picture of the hyip arena and guidance on how to successfully invest in Hyips.

› Are High Yield Investment Programs reliable? High Yield also means high risk. This is the case not only in the Hyip arena. You never know when a Hyip goes out of business. A good rule of thumb is never to invest more than you could afford to lose. However, there are certain things you can do to reduce the risks. Follow our investment guidelines in our advice section and you will be able to invest more safely.

› How many High Yield Investment Programs are there? That is a hard question, especially since some of the programs go out of business very quickly. The internet era has resulted in an explosion of Hyip programs. New programs are being launched each day.

› Is there a safe way to invest in High Yield Investment Programs? No, but reading our advice section will help you reduce the risks.

› How does the actual funding process work? Most High Yield Investment Programs use different e-currencies that enables the investors to quickly invest their money online. Read more about e-currencies in our e-currencies section.

› Which is the most widely used e-currency among High Yield Investment Programs? That is definately bitcoin. You can sign up for bitcoin here.

› Do you recommend specific programs to invest in? No, but on our top list we list the High Yield Investment programs that we’ve had a good experience with during a longer period of time. We take no responsibility for what programs you decide to invest in.

Is there any question that you think should be included here but isn’t? Feel free to send us an email

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